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Intelligent WebRTC click to call and callback

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Our botonetes can perform many tasks: initiate and receive WebRTC phone calls, send SMS, email, ask questions and display forms to collect user input. From your dashboard, you can alter their behaviour and track consumer interactions

Click to call from the browser using WebRTC

Our botonetes implement WebRTC, the modern technology for audio and video real time communications from the browser. They also allow sending mobile SMS, emails, filling-up web forms and many other customizable tasks.

Easily change button behaviour

Once you install the botonete on your site or mobile application, you can change the actions that will take place when the button is clicked or touched. The consumer experience changes instantly without having to wait to re-deploy your web site or upgrade your mobile application for your active users.

Include decisions based on interaction context

You can modify our botonetes actions, based on consumer context like browser type, geographic location, language, time zone and many other factors

Sales, retention and marketing

Design and deliver new ways to interact with your markets, catch consumer's attention by offering a different contact experience