Chatbots helping us to live between two worlds

Internet is our second world, for many young women and men, the first one. This new ethereal planet is consuming most our time, energy and money.

Two worlds for living a short lifetime, that sounds good but also scary: how to decide in the middle of an ocean of information, how to be in these two landscapes and not let anything scape. That is a big challenge today.

Chatbots are here to help us work on that purpose, we want to take advantage of this special time of our civilization; but being realistic, we need help.

They are software programs that functions as an app, systems that are made to fulfill a specific problem or demand: customer service complaints, loyalty rewards, shopping guides or assistants of any kind of thing.

The thing that makes these pals more interesting than apps, it is that they can get a look, a personality and learn while interacting with people.

If Internet is the first and second world for most audiences around the world, for sure, we want to be present there with our best dress and service.

Chatbots are here to represent digital brands, they are here to be the bridge between two worlds: online and offline.

Our publics are real people that need friendly interfaces, they are using messaging platforms: to connect and spending money.

These channels are Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype, Instagram, Wechat, but also they are going directly to their favorite websites to be surprised, to fall in love one more time with brands.

Chatbots are not just taking orders or helping to find an item or specific subject; but being the eyes, ears, and brand´s heart. Sentiment analysis made through speeches, are an incredible AI tool that collects data about feelings and moods.

These type of reports represent a unique opportunity to improve the quality of digital messages and information that we are spreading to current and future clients.

Learning fast and changing faster, should be a daily purpose of every organization.

Chatbots need to be designed, trained and trained again; but as many things in life, good things come as a result of patience and fails. Taking the time to build up a chabot channel is worth.

We only need a leap of faith to begin this amazing journey. Let's take advantage of it!

Pilar Zaldua

I am passionate about practical marketing with technology and common sense; experienced entrepreneur, avid reader and writer.