A Chatbot in your website

A Chatbot that lives in your website

Clients always expect to have an amazing service when visiting your website. Most of them use that first experience when making a final purchasing decision.

A website chatbot could become your best online ambassador. It may represent your company values and brand personality, without any resistance.

Chatbots are the new channel to offer an authentic CX online. They are turning out boring tasks into good performance indicators. An amazing asset that each website should consider. Let’s learn how to do that:

  • Programing its behaviour from the beginning and change it at your will
  • A line of code in the header of the website is all that is necessary to get started
  • Have full control of its personality design, data collection and platform features
  • Start helping your clients and customers right now
  • Align the company’s whole media strategy with its help
  • Chatbots design and creation lead you to review the pitch to your audiences
  • This is the first step to automate routines and embrace the future of the websites.   A website chatbot is a great idea to pitch your brand’s story in a website

Chatbots can also live in many channels.

Chatbot Channels

It seems chatbots can live everywhere. Knowing your audiences and the messaging platforms they are using is the first best step.
Traffic analytics tools like Chatbase also can help to identify where customers get lost in the dialogue. These valuable insights let you find the right place for your chatbot.

It is wise to think in a public relations campaign to help you raise awareness to your on-site chatbot. It is a good idea to introduce them like another new employee in your company.  

In summary, when you are ready to build a bot, think first
in the problem you are trying to resolve. A simple task that will impact your operational plan and the end user experience.
Think again about your message and choose the type of chatbot that works better for your purpose. Pretty sure you will not regret.

Pilar Zaldua

I am passionate about practical marketing with technology and common sense; experienced entrepreneur, avid reader and writer.